Regulation is known as the relationship between movement and the one that is located two places further in clockwise direction in the regular pentagon which is used to represent the law of the five elements. In traditional texts it is called grandfather – grandson relationship.

Classical theory says the channel kidney (water movement) provides information that allows the regulation of the channel master heart or pericardium, which controls the functions of the organ heart and blood circulation, and the traditionally called heart, (fire movement) which is currently considered a system that controls the part of the limbic system related to certain affective emotions and somehow sexuality.

This is one case where it is easier to give a completely scientific explanation to an ancient theory.

It is, most of the time, a stimulus-response system in which certain organs maintain a chemical dialogue in benefit of general balance.

In this particular case the kidney, the pericardium and part of the limbic system intervene, with the main objective to regulate blood pressure and sexual desire.

When blood pressure decreases to a level that could endanger the blood filtering to the kidney, it secretes a protein called renin that enters the bloodstream and stimulates the production of angiotensinogen in the liver that turns into angiotensin type l, which in turn hydrolyzes in lung tissue forming the angiotensin type II that finally stimulates aldosterone production in the adrenal glands. Aldosterone causes water, sodium and other minerals retention and thus the blood pressure increases to normal levels.

The part corresponding to the feedback is executed by the hormone PNA (atrial natriuretic peptide), which is generated in cardiac atria and acts as a diuretic endogenous, as re-balance system.




At the moment of conception a series of transfers of information are produced with several types of origin but basically we could define them as internal or external origin factors.

Among the information of internal origin we have all the factors of ancestral origin, which means, patterns related to genetics, which derived from computing copulation between the egg and the sperm. Here the pattern of life and behaviour which we call EGO is beginning to modulate

Modulation is completed with two factors of external origin. We could define them with quantum moments that would provide two flashes of information that would permeate somehow the newborn EGO.

The first would be given by the state of mind of the parents, their wishes (both acknowledged and secret), their relationship with the family, the environment, etc.

The second would be the influence caused by the situation of the stars in space by the law of universal gravitation which governs the laws of attraction between celestial bodies which could also add its nuances.

At this time human beings have already a basic programme to face the challenges and experiences that will be assimilated from birth and throughout their lives. In other words, at this point the path of ego begins.

One objective of our passage through this world is undoubtedly the development of the ego programme to its evolution and subsequent sublimation. To do this, it will be submitted to some tests by the processes of the law of the five elements consisting of the following states: winter-water, spring-wood, fire- summer, summer-end-moisture and autumn-metal.

These states are drawn in a regular pentagon and the tradition says that a movement is the father of the next and the grandfather of the second one. Actually, they can be interpreted as generation movements for the first and regulation movements for the second. You do not reach this conclusion for free, because if we unite all the vertices of the golden pentagon with straight lines, the generation movement consists of a bigger golden triangle with angles of 72º, 72º and 36º, while the regulation movement is made by a smaller golden triangle with angles 108º, 36º and 36º. As an example, we can say that if water regulates the fire, the kidney regulates the heart so we clearly refer to the physiological process renin – angiotensin – aldosterone which regulates arterial blood pressure.

In the winter-water element the ego has received all the primary information needed for further development. It has a very limited awareness of itself and its environment so it only cares for its basic needs. In this movement there is a great sense of ownership and an egocentrism that it just has to start dominating when sharing with other egos (brothers, nursery, etc.)

Each movement is associated with a channel yin, which contains the primary information, and a channel yang which will generate enough energy for its development.

Winter-water element is associated with the channel kidney or genitor-urinary tract because it is the origin of all human biological processes and contains all the ancestral information. It also has been assigned the bladder channel which provides the necessary energy by the fact of being the executor of the pituitary processes.

The spring-wood movement, the ego has to learn is the concept of flexibility, that is to say, growing learning to share and start learning from mistakes. It is a movement a little bit irrational, unstable and impetuous because it belongs to the juvenile period.

It is associated to the channel liver as regulator of nutrition and muscular and emotional flexibility and also as regulator of the strategic advances or retreats according its convenience.

It is also typical of this movement in the gallbladder channel, as an energy supplier so that making decisions is as balanced as possible, and also as a necessary basis for progress and setbacks that occur at the right time.

When the ego comes to summer-fire movement, the topics are passion, sex, creativity and how to express ideas and feelings correctly.

This movement is assigned four channels. The pericardium channel is assigned to the yin area, which manages circulatory processes at physiological and energetic level and the heart channel which actually refers to the emotional processes that occur in the limbic system

The small intestine channels are assigned to the yang area, which in this case they refer more to the functions of the enteric nervous system, the function of serotonin and its relation to the epiphysis. This channel is also related to circadian rhythms and therefore to the separation of concepts and discernment.

The triple channel heater is also located here, which apart from managing the physiological metabolic processes, it has the necessary information to express feelings, emotions and ideas into words.

The end of summer-moisture movement is characterized by its close relationship with the land, the roots, the mother-child relationship and certain physical and emotional maturation.

The channel associated with it is the spleen, which apart from controlling the lymphatic system; it is the supervisor of certain hypothalamic functions, especially those that allow connections to us and our environment.

The yang corresponding channel is the traditionally called the stomach channel. Although by its location in the system of embryonic anatomical layers (it is in the layer corresponding to the posterior endoderm), I think it rather refers to the functions of the colon. At energy level it regulates the information and emotions disposal that are no longer needed and would select those that can still be useful.

In the autumn-metal movement ego faces the final exam. At this point it should take the last step for sublimation. Emotions, relationships and actions here have to be peaceful, thoughtful and above all authentic with inner peace and respect for others.

The lung is associated to the yin channel which is considered the noblest of all systems that are part of metabolism. It also contributes to vibratory level rising so that the breath control is essential in all techniques designed to increase the developmental level of bodies and spirits. It gives a touch of sincerity and selflessness in the relationship with the environment.

The large intestine channel is assigned to the yang area. As it is located in the anterior endoderm it is much more likely to refer to the upper digestive tract. This channel would provide the information needed to activate the final evolutionary process; it decomposes all previous experiences to create models of high vibratory level. At an energetic level it is what the upper digestive tract makes at physiological level, it breaks certain food links to rebuild them based according to the body’s needs.


The whole universe has got coded structures as well as the human body. In fact many more than it seems.

If we analyze the human body from a sub-atomic level, we realize that atoms are far apart from each other and occupy less than 0.1% of the total volume. The remaining 99.99% it has been named soul, spirit, etc. and today it might be named hard drive, memory, software .The fact is that it obviously contains the information that keeps the matter together (atoms collide millions of times per second and return to their original position) which decomposes rapidly when this programme idles

The existence of a master programme allows us to reach to two conclusions:

The first conclusion is that if 99.99% of the volume of our body contains basically information, any exogenous information can penetrate and not be properly assimilated so it can generate disturbances or blockages in our systems, resulting in various diseases.

The second conclusion is that if we talk about pathological information, the advantage is that any information can be reduced to zeros and ones, and therefore we can use binary systems to reconstruct the original programme and people’s health.


In nature yin and yang do not exist alone. All existence consists of millions of yin and yang that combine forming encoded structures. If yin is given the value 0 and yang value 1, we can obtain binary sequences which vibrate in parallel with the structures and help unlock.


They can be defined as binary atomic structures that can transmit packets of information internally in the body, apart from processing stimuli coming from outside for subsequent assimilation.

Each channel operates in line with certain organs or functions performed at various energy levels. It also modulates these energies to make them compatible with other channels of different vibration.

This task is accomplished by encoding yin and yang (or zeros and ones) that give a particular vibration frequency and its own personality.


We have established that an acupuncture channel consists of codes and their disruption can cause pathologies. Therefore, we can conclude that you can also use coded information packets for that channel returns to normal. It consist of start a dialogue with the human being suggesting changes in the focus point of the potential problem so that once they have acquired this information can self-balance. No order is given, only suggestions.

In order to practice the above, we have been researching different types of codes for many years. The project that has worked is a mixture of coding situation in anatomical layers with theories of math vortex by Marko Rodin in order to create more fluid communication systems and greater energy efficiency

A practical example: channel coding spleen-hypothalamus

In clockwise:


In anti-clockwise:



 For a long time we have used a variety of codes, but at present the system we use almost exclusively is similar to the QR system. In its design several stages occur

The first stage consists of forming a dodecagon by positioning an acupuncture channel at each vertex. These must be binary coded according to their position in the system of embryonic anatomical layers.

Then certain energy relations are established taking into account the principles inherent in vortex mathematics.

With these relationships as a model information loops are generated in relationship 2-3 so as not to generate more energy but instead to take fuller advantage of existing energy.

Once the design has been completed on paper, this is what remains:

l  lll  ll lllllll lll  lll    lllll ll l ll   lllll lll  ll    lllll lllll  l    l llll  ll ll llll ll

l    l  lllll l ll    llll l l lll    ll  llllll  llllll ll l     lll   l     llll ll    lllll  llll

lll l    lllll ll      lll l l llll   ll l    lllllll  ll lll llll   ll    ll    lll  lll  lllll l  l




My name is Jaume Sellart and I am acupuncturist of Buddhist philosophy. That means the techniques I usually use are not focus on healing (I never did that) but suggestions  messages which are sent to the patient in order to induce self balance reactions. According to the philosophy that supports my system, it is very important that the person in treatment can synchronize physical improvement processes and imbalance understanding which causes the illness.

Now I want to speak about one of the most exciting matters


What is an emotion? It is a set of encoded reactions which the human being generates when trying to assimilate the changes produced along their existence in order to avoid becoming harmful and pathological. The set of reactions coded in inheritance, space, time, location… patterns can be called character or personality. Therapeutically, the personality itself is never pathological. The proof is that a pattern of sadistic type can get along with one of masochistic type, although they are two imbalances. The problem arises when our pattern or character code must perform in a space which generates incompatible information with their original coding, which would become a source of instability manifested by anxiety first and by depression later. When this occurs we must talk about EVIL ENERGY, which can be positive or negative, which is neither harmful nor good for the body at first. However, it becomes pathological because of being misplaced, out of context or off its natural location.



Emotions tend to affect different channels or meridians according to their embryonic origin. For example, the derivatives from the positive ectoderm are very sensitive to the concepts discernment and determination whereas the derivatives from the negative ectoderm to the limbic system.

The derivatives from the positive mesoderm are connected with idea management and with the way they are expressed. However, the derivatives from the negative mesoderm are connected with higher mental functions and the understanding of giving-receiving.

The derivatives from the positive endoderm have a direct connection with  assimilation of external  information, their metabolism and elimination when the information is not necessary. The derivatives from the negative endoderm are linked with the concepts flexibility and evolution.

When the emotions derived from these concepts keep balance we are in a healthy environment, however, their disturbance can cause insufficient or excess problems.



Structural processors in acupuncture (also known as channels or meridians) have their origin in the embryonic anatomical layers (ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm). These layers are formed from stem cells after the sixth day of life of the embryo. This occurs at a physiological level.  In order to operate at information or energetic packet-level, these layers should be polarized or be split into positive and negative (no polarity no life).This situation leads to the origin of the 6 embryonic anatomical layers containing two acupuncture channels in anterior or posterior position depending on the embryo parts which are derived from.

This is also the foundation of BIG CIRCULATION, originated from the urogenital tract and goes along the lines of embryonic development (urogenital tract – circulatory system – metabolism, etc.)


We are going to try to explain logically and coherently the link between the anatomical layers system and the physiology. I believe that in the 21st century, theories of traditional medicine must have enough coherence, based on their origins to have enough flexibility and mutation capability in order to be explained with compatible concepts in present science, specially, physiology, geometry and mathematics.If we can meet some patterns that concur with different fields, we will be able to create certain criteria unification of diagnostics and therapies.


In this part we can locate functions of the organs that have their origin in the embryonic ectoderm and emotions that affect them more sensitively. Depending on their activity flow, outward or inward, they will be considered positive or negative polarity


The classical nomenclature gives this layer the channels of the small intestine and the bladder. There may be a mistake in the interpretation of ancient texts, because neither have an ectodermic origin. However, if instead of the small intestine, we refer to the enteric nervous system physiologically included in that gut, containing 80% of the reserves of serotonin which contributes to the formation of circadian rhythms with their influence on the epipshysi, which derived from the ectoderm, we may give a little more strength to these texts

The emotional pattern logically would be related to the discerniment,which is the abylity to distinguish and evaluate things

If we concentrate on the channel bladder we can see that i . runs along the back part of the body, it has connections with the other channels, it has the function of energy activation and its emotional pattern is thewhich generates activity and movement, it might be more correct to relate it with the pituitary activity, which at a embryologic level derives from the ectoderm.,


This layer is traditionally assigned to the channels of the spleen and the heart. When we want to justify it physiologically, we have a problem, because neither one is derived from the ectoderm. But if we call it the hypothalamic set- the limbic system which does come from this layer, our view of it changes significantly. Here we find a movement that will affect our roots. That is, the assimilation and understanding of the information we receive from outside (hypothalamus) considering that initially this always comes from our mother and therefore in the five elements it is considered an earth movement. Therefore, one of the disorders that affects it is the OedipusElectra complex.

As for the term heart in this case it would not be associated with its circulatory function but rather with the relationship between a certain group of heart cells and the limbic system, which is the major processor, among other emotions, related to the concepts of imagination, creativity, etc.


Traditionally triple heater and gallbladder channels are assigned in this layer. When we talk about triple heater we refer to the metabolic body functions. For this reason it has been called channel of the three furnaces, referring, I think, to the processes of absorption, energy recovery and disposal.

On an emotional level, it also has to do with metabolism. Its function would be the key in the assimilation of ideas and their subsequent transformation into words or other expression. To give an example, an insufficiency would be a person who has many ideas but does not know how to express them, an excess is an individual who does not stop talking and actually says nothing.

If we talk about the gallbladder channel firstly we must note that is not derived from mesoderm but if we refer to the bile secretions – pancreatic, we can perhaps relate it directly to the positive mesoderm which is a purely functional layer. We must not forget that this channel is located in the perfect vessel of the páncreas

The corresponding emotions would be those related to decision-making based on what we think and feel. An insufficiency would lead to permanent doubts and an excess would lead to want to make decisions for everyone apart from their own.


The channel of the kidney and pericardium are located in this layer. From the embryological point of view the two are in their proper situation because both derive from the mesoderm.

Kidney channel is credited to be the origin of the great circulation. I think there is also a small translation error because it may mean the urogenital tract, where sperm and eggs (no doubt they are the source) form, which of course includes the kidney.

Its emotional side would be related to the assimilation of beliefs, religion, ethics and all those things that would have to distinguish a human being from an animal. If we consider that many of these concepts come to us from parents we could define it as ancestral energy management

The pericardium, apart from its known circulatory function, would correspond to the flow of emotional management, basically happiness which would be a result of energy and emotional balanced flow or sadness, that would appear in cases of an unbalanced flow and especially stagnant. It would also have an important role in emotional exchange of sex for the balance of the binomial give – receive.


It consists of the channels of the large intestine and stomach. I also think there is something that does not agree as the large intestine derives from the posterior mesoderm and here it is located in the previous and vice versa. Therefore, I think we should allocate the first digestive tract from the mouth to the small intestine and the second the colon and call them path before and after digestive tract.

The firts digestive trac would be very sensitive to emotions derived from the process of breaking down information produced by certain experiences and re-compose it in a way that we can assimilate it (more or less the same thing that occurs at the physiological level). It would be the first part of the emotional digestion.

The subsequent digestive tract would make, at emotional level, functions that the colon makes at physiological level. Its job would be to recover the emotions that are still useful and discard those that no longer have any utility.


Tradition places the channels of the liver and lung in this layer. From the embryological point of view it is correct, both derive from the endoderm.

On an emotional level when we talk about liver channel we basically mean the flexibility concept that invites us to assimilate the emotions produced during the day, which can be progress or retreats as it suits us or by necessity.

The lung reference would be the emotional maturation, the metal movement. This movement not only helps us to understand, assimilate and respect our own emotions but also other people. In Buddhist terms the word to describe it the most resembles is compassion.